Noboru Takamura

Noboru Takamura

National University Corporation,
Nagasaki University

For the capacity building in the field of radiation health science

Since 2010, Nagasaki University has established “Radiation Nursing course” in Health Science Course and continued the efforts for the capacity building in the field of radiation health sciences. In this joint master course, we continue the efforts of the capacity building of radiation specialized nurses and public health nurses, and accept foreign students especially from Asian countries, so that they will become leaders in this field.
Education to foreign students is delivered in English, and we invite outstanding foreign lecturers who have working experiences in the international organizations. Especially, we invite Professor Jacques Lochard, vice president of the International Committee of Radiological Protection (ICRP), who delivers the lectures of “Radiation Protection” and “Risk Communication”, and takes charge of “Kawauchi Village Risk Communication Training”.

Arifumi Hasegawa

Arifumi Hasegawa

Dept.of Radiation Disaster Medicine
Fukushima Medical University School of Medicine

To develop specialists who can respond appropriately to compound disasters.

Based on the experience and lessons learned from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident (Fukushima Accident) that caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake, and with the aim of developing practical human resources who can respond appropriately to the nuclear disaster, Nagasaki University and Fukushima Medical University have established a joint graduate school focusing on the Disaster and Radiation Medical Science (master’s course) as a new educational course in 2016.

The curriculum is structured in a well-balanced manner so that you can learn the strength topics of both universities, including the knowledge and achievements of atomic bomb exposure research, Chernobyl accident investigation, and Fukushima Accident reconstruction support cultivated over many years at Nagasaki University, as well as the knowledge and skills gained through experience and practice at Fukushima Medical University.

The following two types of courses can be selected in this course. In the Health / Nursing Course, we can provide the contents to the nurses and public health nurses who are familiar with the field of radiation emergency medical science. In the medical science course, lectures, practical training, and research will be conducted with international students from overseas for various occupations. And while both courses work together, we will complementarily enhance our knowledge and skills.

One of the lessons learned from the Fukushima Accident was the importance of flexible thinking and responsiveness that is based on scientific knowledge and technology, but is not bounded by existing concepts. Alignment, cooperation, mutual understanding of various occupations and institutions, and communication skills was also important to establish an effective system.

Let’s learn with us, feel the diversity of many parts of the society, make efforts to understand each other, then improve yourself, and contribute to the society.

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