Q.What courses does Disaster and Radiation Medical Sciences offer ?
Two courses – Medical Science Course and Nursing Course
Q.How many years are required to complete each course ?
Two years to complete.
Q.In what languages are lectures / classes conducted ?
Classes in Medical Science Course are conducted in Japanese or English.
Most of classes are conducted in English, but some subjects are only in Japanese.
Classes in Nursing Course are conducted in Japanese basically.
Q.What degree is conferred ?
Medical Science Course – Master of Medical Science
Nursing Course – Master of Nursing
Q.This is a Cooperative Major (Master Course) consisting of curriculum that Nagasaki University and Fukushima Medical University jointly provide. Do students have to take classes both universities offer ?
Students take distance classes each university offers by using video conferencing system. Students also take trainings held in both regions.
Q.If students cannot complete course in two years, what should they do ?
Student can extend another 2 years to complete.

Tuition Fee, Scholarship

Q.How much is tuition fee ?
・Admission Fee: *282,000 yen (Required to pay at the time of admission procedure)
・Tuition Fee: *267,900 yen / half year
(Annual tuition fees: *535,800 yen Students are required to pay tuition fees for half year in April and for another half in October.)
* As of September 2016
Q.Is there exemption system of admission fee and tuition fee ?
Nagasaki University has exemption system of admission fee and tuition fee. However, because only limited number of students are to be selected for this, just because you apply for this, it does not mean you will be selected.
Q.What scholarships are available at Nagasaki University ?
Scholarship information is provided at the time of application. For example, we have Atomic Bomb Disease Institute Scholarship which covers admission fee and tuition fees.
Regarding other scholarship, please refer to the following website of Nagasaki University.

Admission Examination(Nagasaki University)

Q.What are the criteria for application ?
Please refer to the criteria for application of Application Information

Q.It is necessary to submit any certificates to prove Japanese or English ability ?
No. Submission is not necessary.
Q.Is it necessary to contact Nagasaki University about the research theme ?

It is not necessary, however, it is advisable to confirm research field you are interested in before enrollment to prevent mismatch.

【Details of research work by Faculty Members at the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences】

Q.Is it possible to pay Examination Fee in US dollars ?
Yes. Please submit us the certificate of payment issued from Bank outside Japan to confirm the payment. Transfer fee may be charged.Please make payment enough to cover Examination Fee and transfer fees by the exchange rate when you remit the cost.
Q.Is it acceptable to submit application documents by attached file in e-mail without sending by post?
No. Applicants are required to submit application documents as PDF first, this is because admission office checks them. After it is confirmed everything is fine, applicants are required to send documents by post. Postal situation in each country is different. Therefore, please send application documents to us by the way which can be certified.
Q.How does new students apply for student visa ?
Required documents for Application for Certificate of Eligibility (COE) for Student visa will be informed at the time of admission procedures.
Nagasaki University will apply for the COE at the Japanese Immigration Office with the documents submitted from each students.
It usually takes several months for the COE to be issued. Regarding applying for COE, please refer to the following website

Life in Nagasaki(Nagasaki University)

Q.Does Nagasaki University have accommodation for Graduate Students ? If they apply for, can they stay for sure ? Is it possible to stay with family ?
Nagasaki University has residential housing for International students.
If the numbers of applicants exceed the number of rooms, rooms will be allocated by draw. The maximum period of residence is for six months.
Staying with family member is not allowed for international students.
Q.Does Nagasaki University have tutor program for International Students ?
Yes. If International Students are interested in and wish to use this program, tutors will be assigned to them.

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